General Surgery

In this day and age, there seems to be a specialist for every type of problem.

However, the general surgeon is there for the most common surgical procedures that are needed.

Whether it is a simple abscess drainage or major resections for cancer, we are there to care for all of your surgical needs.

Few specialties today offer the expertise of Martin & Woodyard Surgery in such a wide variety of medical situations.

We often coordinate the care for major medical conditions that require hospitalization such as bowel perforations, severe infections and even sepsis.

We have the experience to ensure that all aspects of your care meet the standard that is needed for rapid diagnosis, prompt treatment and acute care so that full recovery can be achieved.

Whether you have appendicitis, a bothersome hernia, an infected skin cyst or intravenous access is needed for treatment, Martin & Woodyard Surgery can meet your needs.

There are few surgical specialties today that offer our level of expertise in such a wide variety of medical situations.

Specific Surgeries

To learn more about a specific type of general surgery that we perform, select from the list below.